Are you ready to miss out on growing app industry?

App Annie’s recent report on the world of mobile is eye-opening. 204 billion downloads, almost 4 hours a day spent using mobile devices and a 45% growth since 2016. There’s a huge market in AppStore and Google Play that your app should not be missing out on.


Mobile world

We live with apps. Think of all the applications you use in a day: to wake you up at the right time, give you the news over your morning coffee, help you get to work, organize your time and another one to help you skip traffic on your way home. Then you come home and talk to Alexa or Google Assistant to book a table at a restaurant and call an Uber to get you there. They are everywhere and we depend on them.


Global growth

While United States, Japan and Korea have eased off with downloads, users there are still on the lookout for new apps. There are problems that the users there are looking to get solved, even if it’s just boredom! There were just over 12 billion downloads in 2019 in the US alone, 2.5 billion in Japan and 2 billion in Korea.

If these numbers don’t convince you, consider this: India’s downloads of mobile apps have grown by 190% from 2016 to 2019, China’s by 80%. Indonesia’s not far behind with 70% and Bazil has grown by 40%. There’s an opportunity there you should not ignore.


SEO for apps

You already know that local content means even more to customers than price and we’re sure you considered this for your app. But did app search optimization make it to the checklist of launching your application in the new market?

ASO is fairly similar to SEO, but it focuses on search engines in app stores, instead of traditional search engines such as Google, Baidu or Naver. Just like with SEO, you start with keyword research to understand what your potential users are looking for in AppStore and Google Play and optimize the description and metadata around your app to get to the results page.

No one wants to overlook a market that grows by 190% in three years, so you might want to consider changing the keyword in your app description from sleep tracking to नींद को ट्रैक करें.


Multilingual app search optimization will help your app understand growing markets like India, China or Indonesia, reach new users and fit right into the tremendous growth mobile world is experiencing. Drop us a line, we can help you out with that.

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